High level Warehouse Cleaning

In addition to having recently performed a silo cleaning job for this major South African packaged goods company, Ascend Rope Access was hired to clean the entire interior of one of their enormous warehouses. This client’s core business is the production, distribution, marketing, and selling of a diverse range of food, beverages, and related products, which they do across South Africa and in two other African countries, as well as exporting globally. As such, they maintain a series of warehouses that are as impressive in vertical scale as they are in the horizontal for the purpose of storing their food and beverage products.

The job description

Over time, warehouses, which see a lot of industrial, heavy-duty use and abuse, require a thorough cleaning. This is especially the case with warehouses used for the storage of food and beverage products. And it was for this reason that the team at Ascend Rope Access was called out to the client in question.

On the job’s scheduled day, we set to work immediately cleaning the walls of the entire warehouse, as well as the ceilings of the lower roof, which were not readily accessible using traditional cleaning methods. Using soap, water, and good old elbow grease, we manually washed each and every panel, eliminating the layers of grime, dirt, and organic matter that naturally build up over time, especially in warehouse facilities used to store food products.

Special challenges overcome

This particular job was quite a challenge because the client required it to be completed so urgently. They had a lot of food stacked underneath the panels requiring cleaning and since they didn’t have anywhere else to store it while we cleaned, we were under pressure to get the job done as quickly as possible. To remedy the situation, we covered all the pallets with sheeting to keep the food boxes clean and dry while we carried out the job and managed to get the entire warehouse interior looking like new in only eight days.

We began using five experienced technicians, but in an effort to complete the job on time, we called in an additional two technicians from the Ascend Rope Access team. We make it a priority to keep to our original quoted job time and will call in additional assistance to do so. Once the job was done, the difference and improvement were immediately appreciable and the client was extremely happy with the outcome.

Warehouse Cleaning

About our warehouse cleaning services

Our experienced and multi-skilled industrial rope access team has been trained in the full suite of cleaning services that, from top to bottom, leave warehouse interiors and exteriors beautifully clean. We’re able to eliminate stains and accumulations of dirt and organic matter without damaging the structure’s walls. This is not only geared at leaving the warehouse (or any other building structure) looking like new, but also to maintain high standards of hygiene and protect the employees, patrons, and residents that frequent it.

In addition to our warehouse cleaning services, Ascend Rope Access does painting, window cleaning, concrete repair, and other general maintenance and repair services necessary to keep high-rise buildings, storage facilities, and other structures safe, looking great, and a proud symbol of you, your business, and your brand.

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