Installation Services

Installation Services

Everywhere you look in any direction in any city, you’ll notice an abundance of signage, banners, billboards and branding. Some of the tallest skyscrapers bear branding, whether it’s in the form of a vinyl installation, a lighted, lettered sign or a billboard. And around Christmas time, these massive structures become adorned with tinsel, lights and other fun, colourful decorations. The question is... how is all this brand signage installed and how do these companies get their Christmas decorations up?

The answer is rope access.

Armed with dynamic safety equipment and a variety of rope access techniques, our team of technicians can access every inch of any building or structure, no matter how tall or oddly shaped it is, or precarious the space they need to work in. This enables us to offer our clients the full suite of installation services of anything from branding signage and Christmas lights to platform and safety line installation and waterproofing. You can read more about these individual installation services by clicking on the link of interest below...


From lettered signs and banners to vinyl installations and Christmas decorations... whatever signage, branding or design embellishments you need added to or removed from the façade of your building or structure, our team of rope access technicians can get the job done in a fraction of the time and at a much lesser cost than traditional access methods. Read More.

Safety Line Installations

Ascend Rope Access can inspect, test and certify any safety lines your building or structure might currently have installed to ensure that they are safe and legally compliant. We can also install new safety lines as part of a standard or a custom set-up. Whatever you needs, our team of rope access technicians have it covered! Read More.

Water Proofing

Ascend Rope Access provides an array of solutions for joints, roofs and other structures that require waterproofing. Through our tailored repair and sealant services, we’ll ensure that ineffective or worn out roofing is transformed into a watertight barrier against the elements, thereby preventing further damage to the underlying building or structure. Read More.

Platform Installation

Ascend Rope Access has the IRATA level technicians, equipment and experience to safely and efficiently install and take down platforms needed for other tasks. Using traditional access methods, platform installation can typically be quite a tricky, costly and time-consuming job but with industrial rope access and the skill of our rope technicians, we can get it done safely, affordably and in a much lesser timeframe, all without disrupting the building’s functionality. Read More.

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To find out more about our installation services or to speak to us about your project, contact us directly at +27 61 464 2632 or email: Ascend Rope Access is based in Cape Town but we travel nationwide to cater to the needs of our clients.

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