Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

The team here at Ascend Rope Access has years of experience in the maintenance of the full spectrum of infrastructure, buildings and material types, from high-rise buildings, office towers and residential homes to the more complex jobs involving bridges, tunnels, churches, onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities, grandstands, stadiums, silos, factories, warehouses, wind turbines, rooftop signage and water utilities.

No matter the size, shape or complexity of the structure or the materials requiring cleaning and maintenance (glass, concrete, brick, steel, lighting, pillars, gutters, atrium spaces, solar panels, piping and vents), Ascend Rope Access is the team to get it done safely, professionally and without disrupting your business.

Building Maintenance

Ascend Rope Access is highly skilled at painting, concrete repair, waterproofing, bird-proofing, installing safety lines and the full range of general repair, upkeep and maintenance services necessary to keep buildings of all sizes and shapes safe, functional, clean and visually impressive. Regular building maintenance and upkeep is fundamental to ensure the aesthetics, safety and longevity of all building structures and infrastructure and we can get the job done professionally, efficiently and on time. Read More

Industrial Rope Access

Our team of professionals are trained in the latest Rope Access techniques and safety equipment so that there is no space to high, complex or awkward for us to access and clean, repair, maintain or perform an installation in. Rope Access is a proven method that’s safer and more convenient, cost-effective and efficient than traditional access methods, like scaffolding. Read More.

Concrete Repairs

As tough as concrete is, it periodically requires repair, upkeep and protection against future damage. Our concrete repair services extend from cosmetic improvements and protection to structural repair and strengthening. This ensures that your building, whether it’s an office tower or grain silo, looks beautiful and stands strong against the elements for decades to come. Read More.

Structural Surveys

Our team of Rope Access technicians are able to get an unparalleled view of your building structure, enabling us to generate comprehensive inspection reports that will alert you to any and all defects that cannot be seen from any vantage point within the building or from the ground. By making use of state-of-the-art Rope Access equipment, we’re able to get structural surveys done far quicker and more accurately than traditional access methods, and without disrupting the daily operations of your building. Read More.

Painting & Specialized Coatings

Save time and a lot of money on mobile elevated work platforms, cradles or unsightly scaffolding by calling in our experienced industrial Rope Access team to get your high rise, building or industrial painting jobs done to an exceptionally high standard! We understand and are skilled in the specialized painting requirements and techniques different building structures have. Read More.

Cleaning and Installations

In addition to our comprehensive maintenance services, Ascend Rope Access also offers the full suite of cleaning services, which is as important for safety and hygiene as it is for making sure your building delivers maximum aesthetic appeal. Read more about our cleaning services.

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