Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Residential Buildings, Commercial Offices, Retail Outlets, High Rises

Most high rise buildings, residential apartment blocks, commercial office towers and retail stores were all built with the goal of creating a structure that is visually impressive. The glass should shine, the steel should shimmer, the concrete should be untarnished and the brickwork bold and clean. Of course, over time, the elements (and the birds) take their toll on any building and the result is that steel, glass, brick, stucco, limestone, metal and concrete can start looking tarnished, worn and unattractive.

Our experienced and multi-skilled industrial rope access team has been trained in the full suite of cleaning services that will, from top to bottom, leave your building looking gorgeously clean. We make use of a low-intensive form of pressure washing that will eliminate stains and the accumulation of organic matter, such as moss, algae and bird wastes, without damaging the building’s façade. This is not only geared at leaving your building looking like new, but also to maintain high standards of hygiene and protect the employees, patrons and residents that frequent it.

Our cleaning services target:

  • Building exteriors and interiors
  • Steel structures
  • Lighting
  • Piping and vents
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Atrium spaces
  • Decorative structures
  • Windows and glass
  • Solar panels
  • Pillars
  • Banners, signs and vinyl installations
  • Gutters (cleaning and replacement)

Our Rope Access technicians can also remove any vegetation (ivy, shrubs, weeds, algae and moss) and eliminate the build-up of atmospheric soiling, leaving masonry and brickwork looking like the first day it was installed.

Window Cleaning

Using a water-fed pole system and state-of-the-art rope access equipment, our industrial Rope Access technicians will get any window-cleaning job done to an impeccable, streak-free standard. We are able to efficiently and safely access windows on multi-storey buildings of all shapes and sizes, leaving them spotless and sparkling. Read More.

High Rise Cleaning

To maintain maximum impact and aesthetic appeal, high-rise buildings periodically require deep cleaning. Our Rope Access team has the specialised and dynamic safety equipment, as well as experience and qualifications necessary to get every inch of your high rise beautifully clean. Read More.

Silo Cleaning and Maintenance

Ascend Rope Access understands the unique cleaning requirements of silos, hoppers, tanks, bins, filters and ancillary equipment. We provide comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services to eliminate tough organic residues and build-ups within silos of all shapes and sizes. Read More.

Bird Proofing

Our bird proofing services are tailored to clean and sterilize the spaces previously inhabited by all species of birds from buildings, warehouses, factories and residential properties. We then make use of a range of products to harmlessly evict those birds and ensure they don’t come back. Read More.

Our Other Industrial Rope Access Services

In addition to our cleaning services, Ascend Rope Access also offers painting, window cleaning, concrete repair and other general maintenance services necessary to keep high-rise building safe, looking great and a proud symbol of you, your business or your brand.

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