Ascend Rope Access consists of a team of rope access technicians that are skilled in the full array of work-at-height cleaning, maintenance, inspection and installation services. Our project manager and lead technician has worked in industrial rope access and abseiling for over 14 years, and with Irata level 3 (International standard) and IWH level 3 (South Africa specific) certifications under his belt, he is one of the most qualified and experienced rope access experts in the country.

Our Prestigious Projects

Over the years, our lead technician has worked on a variety of high-profile and prestigious projects, with a 7-year stint in London seeing him perform industrial cleaning work on the 02 Arena and window cleaning and installation on “the Gherkin”. Locally, our project manager is one of the technicians behind the installation of the bungee jumping platform between the Soweto Towers, which has become a major tourist and adventure attraction in the city of Johannesburg.

Today, Ascend Rope Access continues to serve a variety of high-profile clients in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors.

Our Services

The services offered by Ascend Rope Access encompass a vast spectrum of construction, maintenance, installation and cleaning work, from painting, concrete repair, waterproofing, bird proofing, safety lines and general repair to interior and exterior cleaning and the installation (or removal) of signage, banners, branding, lighting and Christmas decorations.

We expertly perform the services necessary to keep high-rise apartments, offices, residential properties, silos and all buildings of all sizes and shapes safe, functional and visually impressive. No job is too complex or too small for our rope access technicians!

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