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What We Do
What we do
We use state-of-the-art industrial rope access
equipment to provide the full suite of maintenance
and cleaning services
What We Do
Who we are
Who We are
Ascend Rope Access is the leading expert in
industrial abseiling
Who we are
Why Rope Access
Why Rope access
We have the experience, expertise and equipment
to get jobs done safely, efficiently and on time.
Why Rope Access
Where we are located
Where we are located
We are based in Cape Town but we
travel nationwide to cater to the need
of our clients
Where we are located
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Our team of Rope Access professionals is highly skilled at painting, concrete repair, waterproofing, bird proofing, safety lines and much more... the full range of general repair, upkeep and maintenance services necessary to keep high-rise apartments, offices, residential properties, silos and all buildings of all sizes and shapes safe, functional and visually impressive.


From top to bottom, Ascend Rope Access uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and detergents to scrub buildings – no matter how large – until they sparkle the way the architect intended them to! We clean all interior and exterior surfaces, from steel, lighting, glass and piping to vents, gutters, brick, concrete, solar panels and pillars.


Our rope access team is skilled and experienced in the full suite of signage, banner and lighting installations, whether you want to install large lettering or put up (or take down) your annual Christmas decorations. No matter how tricky the space or how large the building, can get your installations done to an exceptionally high standard.

Our Expertise

Ascend Rope Access is a highly experienced and qualified industrial rope access company spearheaded by a Level 3 expert with more than 14 years in the field.

Our team of rope access technicians works with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the flawless delivery of safe, efficient and professional services.


Here at Ascend Rope Access, we believe that the exterior of your building or high rise shouldn’t suffer just because the spaces requiring upkeep are difficult to reach, even using conventional access techniques, such as scaffolding and MEWP's. Our skilled industrial abseiling technicians can safely access any space on any sized building to perform the general repairs, cleaning, structural upkeep and preventative maintenance necessary to keep your building’s equipment and systems in fantastic condition. From windows, roof and gutter cleaning, painting and concrete repair to brickwork repointing, mastic application, render repair and downpipe unblocking, removal and repair. Our experienced and multi-skilled team of rope access technicians will get the job done to an impeccable standard and in a fraction of the time and cost required by conventional access methods.


We provide comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for both round and square silos, any shapes and sizes.

Rope access painting


Save time and a lot of money on mobile elevated work platforms, cradles or unsightly scaffolding by calling in our experienced industrial abseiling team to get your high rise, building or industrial painting jobs are done to an exceptionally high standard!

Window Cleaning Services

From concrete and steel to glass and brick... whatever your high rise’s façade is constructed from and however large or vertically expansive it is, we have the tools, experience and technicians to get it cleaned safely and efficiently.

"We aim to complete all projects to the best possible standard, ensuring that your building or structure not only looks its best but can also continue to function safely and profitably for decades to come. Industrial Rope Access is the most efficient and cost-effective technique for all kinds of building maintenance, cleaning and installations."

 From Idea to Realization

Consulting Planning Execution


Every project we engage in begins with the discovery process. During the consultation phase, we will sit down with you and learn everything we need to know about your project and your goals and visions.


We then move into the planning phase by developing a strategic course of action that’s designed around meeting all of your needs and requirements, while getting the job done to the highest possible standard.


Once you have approved our plans, we’ll mobilize our team of experienced rope access technicians to complete your project quickly, efficiently and safely, doing our utmost to ensure a smooth execution and flawless delivery.
Consulting, planning, execution