Solar Panel Installation

Established in 1991, Technoserve is an electrical and electronic engineering company for industry. They currently have three branches in the Western Cape with a head office in Durbanville and branches in Atlantis and Grabouw. Ascend Rope Access was approached by Technoserve in December 2017 to help out with a solar panel installation project.

Given the busyness of the festive season, Technoserve decided to outsource this particular project, which involved the mass installation of over 2,000 mounting brackets and 756 solar panels on the roof of a refurbished brick building (and trendy new office block) in Salt River.

The past decade has seen the revitalisation of Woodstock and Salt River, two warehouse and industrial districts in Cape Town that were previously fairly run down. Recently, however, these neighbourhoods have become extremely desirable, with beautiful old buildings being refurbished and renovated into high-rise office blocks, industrial artistic spaces, and trendy accommodations.

At first, Ascend Rope Access was called in to install a temporary lifeline system customized to the clients needs. This later lead to the installation of over 2,000 brackets, which would provide support for the solar panels. However, with the chaos and busyness of the festive season, Technoserve decided to employ our services to install the solar panels as well. The building itself is a refurbished office block that has decided to go “off the grid” and source its electricity in a sustainable manner.

Originally, the job was scheduled for completion in January; however, once we stepped in, we were able to conclude it around the 19th December, just in time for Christmas and way ahead of schedule.

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