Silo Logos, Signage, and Stencil Work

Previously, we had been hired by a major South African food company to clean, repaint, and restore some of their food storage silos. The client in question produces and supplies bakery products to a major high-end South African grocery store chain, and so quality and hygiene are of the utmost importance to them. And as it turned out, they were so happy with the outcome of our work that they immediately hired us for another project: to stencil their logo onto their silo for them.

Silo logos, signage, and stenciling services

External signage and branding is a significant component of the work we do here at Ascend Rope Access and as such, we spare no expense in providing our technicians with the safest equipment to perform any installation in any situation, even the trickiest and most difficult-to-reach places. We are able to work closely with a client’s marketing team, sign makers, designers, and site managers to achieve the best possible outcomes and are also happy to step in at any stage of the signage installation, whether it’s at the measuring and design phase or final fitting stage.

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Typically, a plastic stencil is required to create a logo; however, for our client, we turned to an innovative vinyl wall art company, which custom created a stick-on vinyl stencil using the company’s branding and font specifications. This was a particularly innovative solution for our silo logo work, since the surface of a silo is curved and not flat, which makes working with a rigid plastic stencil very tricky. And so, once we had completed the paintwork, we were able to peel off the vinyl stencil, leaving the silo marked with a pristine and attractive logo. 

Vinyl stencils for silo logos are much easier to work with than their plastic counterparts – they also come in at a lower cost to our clients.

Whatever it is you need installed or even removed from your silos or other structures (banners, vinyl branding, lettered signs, or Christmas decorations) and no matter how big or small or unconventional its shape, we can get the job done efficiently, safely, cost-effectively, and on time.

Meet our lead technician!

We’re proud to introduce our project manager and lead technician John Craven, who has Irata level III certification, IWH level 3 (South Africa specific) certification, and 16+ years experience, making him one of the most experienced and qualified rope access technicians in the country.

If you would like to learn more about our silo logos and stenciling services or to make an inquiry about a job you have, please contact us on +27 (0) 61 464 3632 or via email at Check out our website for basic information about our services: 

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