Steel silo cleaning

Ascend Rope Access has just come out of a busy festive season with some extraordinary clients in the food production and distribution industry. Most recently, we completed a silo cleaning job for a major South African packaged goods company that not only does business in South Africa and two other African countries but also exports a number of its brands globally. The company’s core business is the production, distribution, marketing, and selling of a diverse range of food, beverages, and related products.

The job description

Ascend Rope Access was called in, specifically, to perform the external cleaning of two small silos, as well as a network of steel pipework that begins on the roofs of the silos and extends across a road. Over time, silos accumulate debris, dust and stubborn residues from the organic materials they are used to store. They can also fall victim to more immediate and serious problems, such as insect infestations and fungal growths, which need to be eliminated in a timely fashion.

To get the job done quickly, efficiently, and to an impeccable standard, we sent out three experienced technicians, who made use of high-pressure cleaning equipment (HP Washers) to eradicate years’ worth of grime, oil, residue, and grain dust. The positioning of the pipes over the road might have made the job quite tricky and time-costly for traditional cleaning services, but with use of industrial rope access, we were able to access the pipes easily and get the job done well and on time. In just one day, we left the silo exteriors and all the pipework beautifully clean, gleaming, and ready to put in a few years’ more hard work for the client.

Overhead pipework cleaning

Pipework cleaning

Upon inspection of the results, the client was very happy.

About our silo cleaning services

The team here at Ascend Rope Access provides the comprehensive cleaning, maintenance, and repair services large storage facilities, such as silos, hoppers, tanks, bins, filters and ancillary equipment required to remain in peak working condition. We offer our clients an efficient and cost-effective solution for damaged, defected, and deteriorated silos and other storage structures that require maintenance, repairs, and specialized coatings.

Using our dynamic safety equipment and specialized cleaning agents, our rope access team can get into the silos, remove any and all debris and eliminate tough organic residues. We do this by performing a thorough high water pressure and steam cleaning on all internal and external surfaces. Our team can also deal swiftly and decisively with any fungal growths and insect infestations so that the storage space can immediately be put back to work.

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