Over time, silos accumulate debris, dust and stubborn residues from the organic materials they are used to store. They can also fall victim to more immediate and serious problems, such as insect infestations and fungal growths, which need to be eliminated in a timely fashion. For the purpose of this necessary routine care, we were hired by a major South African food company to thoroughly clean some of their food storage silos. The client in question produces and supplies bakery products to a major high-end South African grocery store chain.

Silo cleaning: services rendered

The experienced team at Ascend Rope Access is able to provide the comprehensive cleaning, maintenance, and repair services storage structures require in order to function and serve in peak condition. Using industrial rope access equipment and techniques, we were able to access all areas of the silos’ interiors and perform a thorough clean. 

After cleaning, we did an inspection to determine whether any further maintenance work was needed, which, it turned, out there was. In our report to the client, we diagnosed that there were some pressing issues that needed to be addressed. Chief of all was the presence of rust and the fact that the previous paint job, which was somewhat substandard, was actually chipping off while we were washing the silos. Our recommendation was to repaint the silos.

The client accepted and so we mechanically prepped the silos, eliminating the previous paint job right down to steel structure beneath, and then repainted them in the company’s branding color: a beautiful and bright firetruck red. In addition to the cleaning and repainting of the silos, we had to replace the old, rusted, and dirty inlet pipes and flanges (the structures through which the material stored in the silo is poured) with clean, new pipework.

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Project completion on time!

All in all, our silo cleaning, painting, and maintenance job for our food company clients took eight days to complete, one day ahead of schedule, which we accomplished by assigning three technicians to the job. The client was so happy with the outcome that they immediately hired us to take a look at some other potential jobs they had, one of which was to stencil their logo onto the silos.

Silo Prep and paint Silo pipe replacement Silo painting

Why our clients come back to us

We offer our clients an efficient and cost-effective solution for damaged, defected and deteriorated silos and other storage structures that require maintenance, repairs, and specialized coatings. Whether the construction material in question is concrete, steel or fiberglass (or anything else), we are trained and have the necessary equipment and expertise to provide clients with comprehensive silo cleaning and repair solutions. It also helps that we meet and often beat our deadlines.

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