Concrete Repairs

Rope Access Concrete Repairs

Tall building structures, such as chimney stacks, silos, cooling towers can often be difficult to provide maintenance services for, given the fact that they don’t have an accessible roof area from which industrial rope access technicians can abseil down. This is where Ascend Rope Access can step in with some creative rope access techniques and state-of-the-art dynamic safety equipment, which enables our skilled team to set up permanent or temporary platforms so that we can perform our array of concrete repair services. So, whether your building is a large grain silo or a high-rise office tower, we’re able to access every inch of it and perform the necessary inspection, cleaning and repair to its concrete work. This won’t only ensure the building or structure’s aesthetic appeal, but also its standard of safety.

Ascend Rope Access’ Concrete Repair Services

We begin every job with a thorough inspection of the structure we will be working on, performing all of the following so that we know exactly what needs to be done and the most time and cost-efficient way to go about providing those services
  • An external and internal visual inspection
  • Carbonation testing
  • Cover meter surveys
  • Structural integrity surveys
  • Core drilling
  • Protective coating surveys

Once we’ve done the initial surveys and inspections, we can begin with the concrete maintenance and repairs that are needed to restore your structure to its original integrity and to leave it strengthened and protected against further damage and wear. These services include the physical repairs to concrete that has become cracked, chipped, worn or corroded by the elements. Our rope access technicians will then ensure that your structure is protected against future deterioration by sealing off expansion joints and applying barrier coatings systems and corrosion inhibitors where necessary.

Ascend Rope Access doesn’t just do basic concrete repair. We do comprehensive cosmetic repair, protection and structural strengthening for buildings of all shapes and sizes, from high-rise office complexes and skyscrapers to residential homes and apartment blocks. Our concrete repair services will leave any structure safer, stronger and looking beautiful, just as the architect intended it to!

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