Maintenance Services at Eden on the Bay

Eden on the Bay is a lifestyle and shopping mall and promenade located right on the beachfront at Big Bay, Cape Town. With a collection of restaurants, bars, retailers, fashion boutiques and more, it’s a perennially popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The property management agent for Eden on the Bay is Rennie’s Properties, which frequently contacts Ascend Rope Access for on-going jobs involving the upkeep, maintenance, and repair work of the property.

Given its location on the beachfront (salty sea air – rust) and in an exceptionally windy location, Eden on the Bay requires frequent maintenance and repairs to keep the building, its structure and façade, in good condition. For one, the building is located on the soft, porous soils of a surrounding marshland, which causes a fair bit of movement as the structure expands, contracts, and sinks. Ascend Rope Access has worked on repairing the expansion joints to ensure that, when the building does move, the expansion joints take the brunt of the motion, which spares the concrete and brickwork from stress, cracks, and damage.

We have also done work on repairing existing cracks, painting, and waterproofing of the skylights. Also, with its proximity to the ocean and the salty air, rust and corrosion can cause a fair amount of trouble, which we’re effectively able to combat and prevent. Usually, the work we do for Eden on the Bay are short jobs of just a few days each but with Ascend Rope Access as Rennie’s Properties’ preferred contractor, they know that any work at height will be done within the agreed-upon time frame and to an exceptionally high standard, without interfering with the property’s daily operation and traffic flow.

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