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High-Rise Cleaning Services

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High-rise buildings – whether they are retail, commercial or residential buildings – are specifically designed to stand out, to be impressive in scale, grandeur and aesthetic. To maintain maximum impact, high-rise buildings require periodic cleaning and Ascend Rope Access has the experience, equipment and multi-skilled team to do just this!

We provide the full array of cleaning services for high-rise buildings of all shapes and sizes. Our specialised and dynamic safety equipment enables us to clean high access, hard-to-reach places and in a much quicker and more efficient manner than traditional methods. Using rope access, we can get in and get a job done without the costly and time-consuming rigmarole of erecting scaffolding or the need to use powered access, which can be quite disruptive and incredibly expensive.

Dynamic industrial rope access as a method for high-rise cleaning enables Ascend Rope Access to service any job, no matter how small, quickly, affordably and safely. And it’s the speed and convenience of service that also allows us to service the domestic market, as well as high-rise commercial buildings.

High-Rise Cleaning Services

Every window-cleaning project begins with evaluation and planning. During this initial assessment, we’ll determine what challenges and unique elements we need to work with and the safest and most efficient method to clean your glass surface areas. We then mobilize our skilled cleaners using state-of-the-art commercial-grade cleaning detergents and equipment.

Our industrial rope access equipment is designed to give our team the greatest reach while ensuring precision delivery and safety. Using this equipment, our team can descend  from any building ledge or from the rooftop to access all of your windows and clean them with great accuracy and speed.

Maintaining a High Window Cleaning Service Standard

Our experienced and multi-skilled industrial rope access team has been trained in the full suite of cleaning services designed to target:

  • Interior and exterior pressure washing,
  • Building exteriors
  • Steel structures
  • Lighting
  • Piping and vents
  • Gentle warehouse cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Atrium spaces
  • Decorative structures
  • Windows and glass
  • Solar panels
  • Pillars
  • Banners, signs and vinyl installations
  • Gutters

The high-rise cleaning services we provide for a building’s exterior or façade are facilitated by the use of a low-intensive form of pressure washing that’s designed to gently eliminate stains, build up and organic matter, such as moss and algae, without damaging the façade itself. Our high-rise cleaning services can be used on all kinds of surfaces, including brick, steel, stucco, limestone, metal, concrete and glass.

Ascend Rope Access also does gutter cleaning and replacement, vegetation removal (ivy, shrubs, weeds, algae and moss) and brick and masonry cleaning to eliminate the unsightly appearance of atmospheric soiling that can leave your building façade looking dulled and tarnished.

In addition to these high-rise cleaning services, we also offer painting, window cleaning, concrete repair and other general maintenance services necessary to keep high-rise building safe, looking exceptionally beautiful and a proud symbol of your brand, business or personal standards.

Our High-Rise Cleaning Standards

Here at Ascend Rope Access, we prioritise safety, using only the highest quality, state-of-the-art equipment, while operating according to rigorous safety standards. This not only ensures that our industrial rope access technicians can work safely, but also productively, offering our clients fast, cost-effective and accurate high-rise cleaning services. We also make use of the best soft wash equipment and industrial-grade cleaners to make sure that we get the job done to the highest possible standards.

Last, but certainly not least, Ascend Rope Access makes customer service and relationships a priority. We understand that every property – whether a high-rise condo or a small retail outlet – has special requirements and we tailor our pressure washing services to meet those needs to ensure that your building, from the curb to its entryway, is sparkling, spotless and delivers a fantastic positive first impression!

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To find out more about our high-rise cleaning services or to speak to us about your project, contact us directly at +27 61 464 2632 or email: info@ascendropeaccess.co.za. Ascend Rope Access is based in Cape Town but we travel nationwide to cater to the needs of our clients.

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