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Rope Access Bird-proofing

As wonderful as it is to be able to share our environment with a spectrum of bird species, some of these critters can be a real nuisance to business and to the aesthetics, healthy and safety of your building and/or residential property! If the birds aren’t nesting on the roof or under its eaves, then they’re accessing the premises through damaged roofing and loading bay areas. When this happens, they can cause extensive damage to the property and pose serious health hazards to your staff, customers, residents or employees:
  • Gutters blocked with nesting materials, feathers and droppings.
  • Dislodged roof tiles.
  • An unsightly mess of nests and droppings, the latter of which is acidic and can lead to the corrosion of building materials.
  • Birds carry lice, fleas, ticks, mites and other nasty parasites and insects that can spread diseases. This can become a serious health risk to anyone living or working within the building.

Additionally, around nesting seasons, birds can become particularly aggressive and attack customers, clients, employees and/or residents as they make their way into your building. The bottom line is that as much as anyone can respect the birds’ need to breed in peace, it’s not a sustainable situation having that take place in and on your building.

The answer to this pervasive problem is to call in Ascend Rope Access for our expert bird-proofing services! Our team of Rope Access technicians can reach any part of your building, no matter how high or tricky the space, and humanely evict the birds that have colonized these spaces. We’ll then thoroughly clean and sterilize the building to eliminate all nests, droppings, parasites and other health hazards associated with the birds before installing measures to make sure they don’t return to cause the same suite of problems all over again.

The bird-proofing products we make use of to prevent birds from coming back to nest or roost on your building are humane, discreet, cost-effective and won’t disrupt your business. Most importantly, because Ascend Rope Access is environmentally conscious, we won’t harm the birds.

Our bird-proofing Rope Access technicians have gently yet effectively evicted large bird colonies from the roofs and eaves of all kinds of buildings, from warehouses and factories to apartment buildings, office high-rises and residential homes. And we don’t make use of disruptive gimmicks, such as sound emitting devices or flashing lights.

With our bird-proofing services, we’ll evict the birds, restore the safety, hygiene and aesthetic appeal of your building and make sure they never return! And all in a humane and non-disruptive manner!

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