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Rope Access Structural Surveys

Ascend Rope Access can provide clients with a comprehensive structural survey package that will report the presence and extent of any and all defects and damage to their building, many of which cannot be viewed from within the building itself or from the ground. Our experienced team of rope access technicians make use of cutting-edge dynamic safety equipment to perform thorough inspections of buildings, no matter how large, tall or awkwardly shaped they are. Industrial rope access is a quicker and far more efficient and cost-effective method of performing structural surveys than traditional access methods, such as erecting scaffolding and calling in scissor lifts. It also doesn’t in any way compromise the daily operations or functions of the building, so you won’t risk upsetting your tenants, residents, employees or staff while we get the work done.

Ascend Rope Access Structural Survey Reporting

Our structural survey reports are intended to highlight any defects or damage that might be caused by old brickwork, unwanted bird nesting or infiltration by water. By generating detailed structural survey reports, we can make a plan to perform the necessary repairs so that we can get to work as soon as possible in order to prevent any further damage. The structural survey reports will be given to you in the form of still photographs, audio clips and/or video recordings, together with a comprehensive written summary report that also includes our recommendations for repairs. This will help you understand exactly what’s wrong and the best path forward to get your building or structure in fantastic structural and cosmetic condition. Our structural surveys can also consist of the following services:
  • Carbonation testing
  • Collection of dust samples and subsequent laboratory testing
  • Dimensional surveys
  • Ferro scan/cover meter surveys
  • Half cell testing
  • Hammer testing
  • Horoscope surveys
  • Magnet weld testing
  • Removal of loose concrete
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Water penetration testing

Structural surveys and the detailed reporting we provide to clients is just one step of the entire process. We also provide the full spectrum of Cleaning, Installation and Maintenance services, so we encourage you to check out the links provided to learn more!

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