Water Proofing


Water, should it infiltrate the composite materials of any building or structure, can cause incredible damage. In many cases, this damage can be so great that it totally undermines the integrity of the structure, which can subsequently require demolition! This emphasises the utter importance of waterproofing any building and its roofs, joins and other parts, against the elements. This is just as true for high-rise, vertically expansive skyscrapers and structures as it is for residential homes and apartment blocks.

Ascend Rope Access has put together a multi-disciplinary team of tradespeople who are also trained and qualified in specialised rope access techniques. This enables us to access every conceivable inch of any building or structure, regardless of its shape and size and regardless of how precarious, difficult, confined or awkward the space we have to work with is.

Our rope access waterproofing services are not only tailored to leave your structure impenetrable by moisture, but also to repair any existing damage done

  • Comprehensive leak and damp repair
  • Sealing of parapets and roof flashings
  • Repair or replacement of leaking gutters
  • Lifting and sealing of balcony floors

The special waterproofing sealants we use are uncomplicated and cost-effective. They consist of a water-based acrylic membrane and fibre paint that creates a powerful barrier against humidity, moisture and water. These materials won’t crack, even in the event that the underlying structure shifts or moves, and are perfect for use on parapets, roofs, walls, concrete slabs and flashings.

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