Safety Line Installation

Safety Line Installation

Safety lines are a fundamental component in set-ups requiring work at height safety, and they are used to keep people doing work on high walls, roofs and other structures safe while they perform their trade. Through specially designed, planned and engineered anchor points, Ascend Rope Access is able to install a safety line system that will keep work crews – whatever their tasks – safe.

We don’t only install safety lines for our own rope access technicians crews... we can also set up a fall restraint system for your own employees or workers that will allow them to work efficiently, safely and without restriction, even in high, awkward places. Our safety lines are design and engineered to keep work crews safe on sites where a fall could potentially cause fatality.

Ascend Rope Access’ safety line installation services encompass:

  • The inspection, testing and certification of any and all existing safety lines to make sure they meet standards and regulations.
  • Consultation and drafting of recommendations onto the design plans of an existing building or structure. Our services can then, of course, extend to the assistance or the instalment of these safety line plans...
  • The installation of safety lines, which can either be a standard installation or one that is tailored to meet the precise requirements of your business or task.

We have completed safety line installations on a great variety of projects, including internal cranes structures, overhanging building structures, corrugated roof structures, overhead beams for truck loading bay safety and mining vehicles, amongst others. And it’s through this extensive work and experience that Ascend Rope Access has, over the years, tested many, many safety lines. As such, we know exactly which equipment and techniques work, empowering us to offer our clients the best recommendations about which space-specific anchoring solutions are best suited to their application.

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To find out more about our safety line installation services or to speak to us about your project, contact us directly at +27 61 464 2632 or email: Ascend Rope Access is based in Cape Town but we travel nationwide to cater to the needs of our clients.

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